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The Bow Lake Community Center (BLCC) is now a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization! Donations to the Bow Lake Community Center are now tax-deductible. Our stated mission of maintaining the Bow Lake Grange Hall year-round for the benefit of Strafford residents. We host many events, including, Food Truck Festival,  Ducks over the Dam, the Chili n' Chowder Challenge, Easter Bunny, Memorial Day Celebration, COGO Golf Tournament, Halloween Trick or Treating,  and Lunch for Christmas in Strafford and more.

The Bow Lake Community Center is available for rent to host Parties, Birthdays, Events, Shows, Weddings, Family Functions, Etc.

The BLCC stated purpose in their By-Laws.   

The purpose of this organization is the betterment of the community socially, educationally and artistically. Funds will be raised for the maintenance and improvement of the Bow Lake Grange Hall and the support of special community projects approved by the Executive Board...

"We are totally supported by your
Tax Deductible Donations"


The BLCC is run by an all volunteer Board Of Directors and Sponsors-At-Large who overseer the care of the Grange Hall in everyway. If you would like to help out or become a sponsor, please contact us.

Officers of BLCC